My Fellow Americans, The State Of The Union Is Lit

My whole Presidential squad lit.

My Fellow Americans, The State Of The Union Is Lit
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With all the polls indicating he will roll easily into his third term, a relaxed and confident President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last night with his seventh State of the Union Medium post. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect, here at what will likely be the midpoint of a historic four-term administration, that if we had not set aside our differences and passed the 28th Amendment, we might be looking at the very real prospect of a President Trump next year. America can be fractious and backward, but let it never be said that we can’t get the job done when it really matters.

As was widely expected President Obama, with his trademark soaring rhetoric, concluded that “the state of our union is lit af!” The Daily Show tweeted a clip of his stirring finale:

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley led the Republican snarky highlighting of Obama’s post, but her main message was also “at least we’re not going to have a President Trump!” Obama’s set was preceded by surprise opener Wale, a DC rapper who has actually lived in the White House basement since last July when he played his first show there along with his DJ, Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

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