This Showerhead Changes Color When You Use Too Much Water

LED lights in Hydrao Smart Shower change color based on water volume output.

This Showerhead Changes Color When You Use Too Much Water
[Images: courtesy of Hydrao]

Consumers looking for smart tech with a saving-the-planet twist will want to make note of the Hydrao Smart Shower showerhead, created by French design firm Start & Blue and first showed off at CES.

The Hydrao Smart Shower head aims to replace “dumb” showerheads, which haven’t really changed much since the 19th century. Inside the Hydrao Smart Shower head are four LED lights and sensors that monitor how much water volume has passed through. The base of the showerhead will glow green while you’ve used less than 10 liters of water. It turns purple when you go over 10 liters and remains purple until you hit the 30-liter mark, when it turns orange. If it turns red, you know you’ve passed the 50-liter mark.

Hydrao says that right now the average American uses between 75-80 liters (19-21 gallons) of water every time they shower, which adds hundreds to utility bills (and not just water bills; you need to heat the water too, so include gas and electric) a year. Then there is the impact to the environment and social utilities—just ask anyone who’s lived through water-rationing days in California.

One other cool feature of the Hydrao: Since it’s eco-conscious at its core, it was designed to work without additional batteries or electricity. It uses an internal turbine system that’s powered by the flow of water into the showerhead.

The Hydrao Smart Shower head is expected to go on sale by March for a price of $99.

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