Today in Tabs: Tab To The Left, Tab To The Right, Oooooh Fashion

We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town.

Today in Tabs: Tab To The Left, Tab To The Right, Oooooh Fashion
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You may wonder if anyone asked Marty Peretz what he thought of TNR being for sale, if you weren’t busy pretending Marty Peretz never existed. But of course The Daily Beast did it. Stay tuned for a lot more schadenfreude from all the ex-TNR people who think they’re the only ones smart enough to know what “schadenfreude” means.


Today in Dumb Comparisons: “The New Republic is to Jeb Bush as BuzzFeed is to Donald Trump(????).” Felix Salmon made a strained comparison between Chris Hughes buying TNR and Zuck failing to save the Newark schools that ended up seeming to imply that the Newark schools are of no value, compared to TNR. I don’t think that’s what he meant to say, but still. And Andrew Ross Sorkin claims that “praying for a wealthy benefactor to save a business is also a flawed business model,” although it is literally the only one that has ever worked for The New Republic.

Penn vs. Penn: Jack Shafer said that we should hate Sean Penn’s case of journalist’s flatulence because “it’s a wretched example of reporting and writing,” not because of any supposed ethical lapses in it. And if you’ve been waiting for one concise, informed, and well-written thing to read about all that, see Patrick Radden Keefe in the New Yorker. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania: “The owner of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and has donated the news organizations to a newly created [nonprofit] media institute…”

But Where Were The Spiders? They’re in Malaysia, home of the Huntsman spider Heteropoda davidbowie. Sasha Frere-Jones made it about dot me, but luckily the LA Times gave him a second crack at a Bowie eulogy. If you need me, I’ll be roundabout…

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Fire: Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote about Bill Cosby and his enablers:

“It could be me” is a fine starting place for confronting the evils of the world, but a really poor conclusion. If no broader theory of sympathy and humanism emerges beyond one’s mean particularism, then all we really are left with are tribalism and power.

Literally every other sentence of this essay is also great, I just picked a couple particularly good ones.


Today in Tech: Tinder CEBro Sean Rad has not one but two new profiles, one in The California Sunday Magazine and another right here on Fast Company. They’re both interesting, if you’re interested, and both allow Rad plenty of room to make himself look like a d-bag, but no profile of Sean Rad can ever do anything but reinforce the myths tech loves to believe about itself. Remember Fusion? Archaeologists have unearthed evidence that they were producing television all the way back in the summer of 2015. More study is needed. All new social networks should only last a weekend. And here’s a witch who casts viruses out of the computers of extremely credulous people.

I Dare You To Find a Theme Here: For The Awl, Nicole Boyce went to a 90s festival. That Ammon Bundy Twitter account? It was a hoax. Wired’s Alex Davies has a long feature about the Chevy Bolt. And Allison P. Davis “Tried BreadfacingNow I Understand.”

Some Personal News: MTV hired most of Grantland.

Today’s Song: Smashmouth, “Under Pressure

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