Meet The YouTubers Interviewing President Obama After The State Of The Union Address

To cap off his final State of the Union, Obama will chat with YouTube stars Adande Thorne, Destin Sandlin, and Ingrid Nilsen.

Meet The YouTubers Interviewing President Obama After The State Of The Union Address
[Screenshots: via sWooZie, Ingrid Nilsen, SmarterEveryDay]

For the second year running, President Obama will sit down with three YouTube stars after his State of the Union addresswhich airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST–to discuss the issues facing young Americans.


Last year, the POTUS chatted with Hank Green, GloZell, and Bethany Mota about topics like Cuban policy and how to get young people interested in politics. This is just one of the recent initiatives the White House has undertaken to reach millennial and Gen Z audiences–including joining Snapchat this week, where behind-the-scenes content will be posted leading up to and during Obama’s address.

This year’s interview will be aired live Friday at 2:15 p.m. EST, on the White House’s YouTube channel. Here’s the rundown on who will be quizzing the ruler of the free world:

Adande Thorne, aka sWooZie

Thorne’s YouTube bio reads: “Vlogger / Time traveler / Professional cuddler / Professional Gamer.” As sWooZie, Thorne often vlogs about his travels and experiences with different video games, while telling engaging stories about his own life. In a video announcing his interview with Obama, Thorne encouraged viewers to use the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama and submit questions on “whatever issues you want to ask the president about–which is his favorite Kardashian, what’s his favorite video game. We’re going to keep it fun, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to stick to important questions.”

Destin Sandlin, aka Smarter Every Day

Sandlin is known for his vlog, Smarter Every Day, in which he uses science to explore and experiment with the world. “I would love for this to be different. I want to ask questions about scientific topics, something I care about,” he says in his own interview announcement. “What about the personal things about being the president? Wouldn’t that be cool? We have a huge opportunity here.”

Ingrid Nilsen, aka Missglamorazzi

Nilsen has been making YouTube videos as Missglamorazzi since 2009; her outgoing lifestyle vlog is a place for “curious minds and adventurous hearts,” according to her bio. Nilsen also made a video about her upcoming White House trip, in which she said she would likely ask the president about LGBT issues, women’s rights, health care, and unemployment.


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