These Brands Go By Different Names In Different Countries And It’s Just Not Right

A rose by any other name might smell just as sweet. There’s been some debate on the subject by some hack writer. We can’t remember who, and it doesn’t matter. More to the point, however, is this question: would Lay’s potato chips taste as decadently salty and trauma-nullifying if they were Chipsy’s potato chips?

That quaintly generic-sounding handle is what Lay’s potato chips go by in Brazil. For Americans who grew up as Lays-leaning snack-lovers, this information changes everything. It’s like stepping into a parallel universe where your preferred munchie is named after the feeling you get when you want it. (“I’m feeling a bit chipsy,” she said before popping open a bag of Chipsy’s.) It’s a disorientation that should be familiar to many world travelers who’ve come to discover their most-trusted brands going by different names in different countries. A new infographic brings culture shock home with details on which brands are named what in which countries.

Created by travel blog Just The Flight, the inforgraphic promotes radical brand loyalty by giving future travelers a guide to sticking with what works while backpacking in unfamiliar territory. Does that defeat the purpose of travel in the first place? Perhaps partially! But it can also provide a safe haven when the options look particularly bleak. And for those of us who may not be going anywhere any time soon, just sit back, relax, crack open a Coca-Cola Light (WHAT EVEN IS THAT?), and enjoy the ride.

[via Design Taxi]