Today in Tech: Super Peach Jelly

What even was Super? No one knows.

Today in Tech: Super Peach Jelly
[Photo: Flickr user MissMessie]

Once more choosing the worst available option, Twitter un-verified Milo Yiannopoulos, giving him something meaningless to complain about while not actually depriving him of a platform to complain about it on. His fellow bad people Jason Calcanis, Egg, and Vivek Wadhwa all leapt to his defense, because garb recognize garb.

Have you joined Peach yet? Perhaps you’re not one of “tech’s cool kids.” Is it slick and new or is it primarily a way for Tila Tequila to spread the flat earth gospel? Brian Feldman thinks it’s bringing back the command line, but baby, some of us never left.

Also in Apps: Biz Stone is “un-pivoting” back to Jelly, his social app no one used, from Super, his ???? app no one used either. Buzzfeed collected some of history’s other great un-pivots, thereby creating the only thing of any value that will come from this announcement. And Adrienne LaFrance says that what will finally replace email is: email.

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