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The Teaser For Hulu’s Prestige Drama Shows ‘The Path’ To Creepy Television

Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy give new meaning to “cult favorite.”

The Teaser For Hulu’s Prestige Drama Shows ‘The Path’ To Creepy Television

Hulu’s expansion into original programming has involved a lot of comedy, some experimental web-series style shows of various lengths, and documentary, talk, and reality shows—but one area it’s been slow to dip its toes in is the same area that all of its competitors are garnering big awards for: The realm of the prestige drama.

That all changes this year, with two new Hulu Originals aiming to occupy the same space that shows like House of Cards and Mozart In The Jungle currently reside in. And while the Stephen King/J.J. Abrams-verified 11.22.63 comes first, the first teaser for The Path gives a glimpse of a show that seems to really deserve that “prestige” tag. Not only does the show assemble its actors from the supporting cast of a number of your favorite prestige dramas of years past–Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, True Detective’s Michelle Monaghan, Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy, Sons of Anarchy[i]’s Rockmond Dunbar, and [i]Friday Night Lights’ Minka Kelly all star–but it also tackles a topic that’s eternally compelling: How to escape from a cult, with Paul seemingly in the role of “guy trying to get his family out.”

There’s a lot of tone and mood in the teaser for the show, without a lot of plot. Fans of Aaron Paul’s performances as “guy tortured by controlling father figures” appear to be in for a treat, while Dancy seems more Hannibal Lector than Will Graham–a bit of turnabout that it should be a lot of fun to watch unfold. Hulu’s original programming hasn’t historically had the same cache as Netflix and Amazon, but The Path seems to be showing the way toward a more prestigious future.

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