Break Stuff And Run Away Fast

For Sale: Gorgeous Union Square office, fully upgraded 2014. Century-old magazine included free!

Break Stuff And Run Away Fast
[Photo: Flickr user david pacey]

Four years after buying it and a year after most of the former staff quit, Chris Hughes is selling The New Republic. In his press release (on Medium of course), Hughes admitted that despite “investing a great deal of time, energy, and over $20 million” in a really gorgeous new Union Square office, he has no actual idea how to run a magazine. Seriously, have you seen that office? It’s super nice. Appearing to confuse the 100 year old liberal policy magazine for a werewolf, Hughes said he does “not have the silver bullet” that would… make it successful? Finally kill it? His meaning is unclear, as it is in so much of Hughes’s communication. Josh Marshall had a good take:

…having decided to upend the entire operation and trigger a radical disruption and disjuncture with its history going back a generation, it seems a bit precipitous and unlovely for Hughes to kick it to the corner now and deprive it of the deep pockets which is now really its only asset.

In conclusion, someone please rescue Tabs Intern Emeritus and TNR associate editor Bijan Stephen and former Racket Teen Elle Reeve.

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