See How Much Your Favorite Disney Characters Changed from Concept Art to Final Frame

Knowing what Dumbo, Bambi, Robin Hood, and more could’ve looked like cannot be unseen.

Disney is marking the release of it upcoming 55th animated feature film Zootopia with a trip inside its historic vault.


In honor of the Zootopia’s anthropomorphic adventures hitting screens March 4, the Disney blog Oh My Disney compiled the concept art of your favorite animal characters.

Zootopia, 2016

Some of the original art doesn’t fall far from the final product: Lady from Lady and the Tramp is a dead-ringer for her throwback, and Bambi is just as doe-eyed as ever. But some drawings will make you eternally grateful for second and third drafts, e.g. Sebastian going from an under-the-sea horror show to cuddly crab.

Check out all of the before-and-afters in the slide show above.

The Little Mermaid, 1989

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