• 01.08.16

See The Sly Tributes To Classic Films Hidden In Pixar Movies

This five-minute video picks up on all the movie references in Pixar’s filmography that you may not have noticed.

Sometimes Pixar’s movies provoke tears, and sometimes they incite riotous laughter. That duality is kind of their whole thing. Another reaction the animation monolith programs, and one that is far more subtle, is the desire to re-watch classic films. Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, Pixar has been plugging in sly references to older movies in each of its projects since the very beginning.


Meticulously created by Madrid-based film editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz, “Pixar’s Tribute to Cinema reveals some of the hundreds of tiny (and not-so-tiny) homages to other movies found over the course of Pixar entire oeuvre. It’s five minutes of revelations and joy.

On every episode of classic Simpsons (roughly the first 11 seasons), there is a movie reference of some kind. It is affectionate and funny, but it is not subtle. Whole scenes from films like Citizen Kane might be reenacted, with a twist, and there’s no mistaking it. At Pixar, though, these tributes are often far less pronounced. Sure, the evil neighbor boy Sid demands “Where are your rebel friends now?” in a direct nod to Star Wars, but more often than these references are more likely to be something more like dialogue from Finding Nemo nearly syncing up with lines from the divorce epic, Kramer vs Kramer, or a semi-obscure Samuel L. Jackson scene from Die Hard With a Vengeance finding its way into a Samuel L. Jackson scene from The Incredibles.

Some of this may be familiar to anyone who saw Co.Create’s post on Pixar easter eggs, the carpet from The Shining making a Toy Story appearance, for instance. But many of those easter eggs involved Pixar films giving a tip of the cap to other Pixar films, so there’s still plenty of good catches here you might not have noticed before. Let us know in the comments below if the editor of the video left out any.

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