• 01.08.16

“Mad Max: Fieri Road” Unleashes Guy Fieri On An Unlikely Food Hunt

As we head into the Golden Globes weekend, watch an unexpected reinterpretation of one of Co.Create’s favorite nominees.

“You gotta take into account boundaries and expectations,” Guy Fieri told Co.Create back in November, when we asked the golden porcupine-maned chef about cooking for Thanksgiving. It’s safe to say, however, that a certain YouTuber did not take into account the boundaries and expectations of hardcore Mad Max: Fury Road fans when he spliced Fieri into the film.


As we head into the Golden Globes weekend, a video artist who goes by JumbleJimble has done the unspeakable: putting scenes from Guy Fieri’s greasy food hunt, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, into the appropriately nominated film. This seems like a project that began title first. Once you’ve got “Mad Max: Fieri Road” on the brain, it’s impossible to un-ring that bell and go back to living as before. Despite being as title-driven as most mash-up songs of the early 2000s, what works is that Fieri is inserted into the rare scenes from the movie in which some kind of food is eaten. Is it dumb? Of course it is. But it may be so dumb, it’s kind of sublime.

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