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As 2015 came to a close, FastCo was busier than ever before. ComScore puts our year-over-year unique visitor growth at 18% across the network. That's fueled by a bunch of talented and truly dedicated writers, editors, and developers. Let me introduce you to our latest batch of hires.

Marcus Baram

Before writing a biography of the musical icon Gil Scott-Heron, Marcus Baram was a senior editor at The Huffington Post, where he ran the front page and edited original stories. Before that, he was a producer at ABC News, an associate news editor at the Wall Street Journal, news editor at the New York Observer, and a reporter at the New York Daily News. Marcus joins us as news editor for Fast Company, where he'll be breaking news and covering the upcoming elections.

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan's byline already appears on more than 700 articles in the Co.Design archive, and I'm thrilled to welcome her back as the deputy editor of Co.Design. She's an expert in urban design and architecture, which she's also covered for Gizmodo and Architizer. Kelsey races bikes with a team created by Chicago’s first women-specific bike shop, BFF Bikes.

Hannah Nordgren

Hannah Nordgren attended the Pratt Institute where she studied fashion design. After eight years as a technical designer (which has a lot in common with engineering as it turns out), she decided to go to beauty school and became a hairdresser. She loved cutting hair but wasn't a big fan of pushing product, which meant that she made very little money. Realizing it was time for a change, Hannah crowdsourced her next career by polling her friends. They told her to become an art director. Instead, she went to the Flatiron School, a bootcamp for learning to code, and took up front-end development—which is, after all, the modern publishing equivalent of graphic art direction. Then she built a lot of websites. We're happy to have Hannah as part of Fast Company's engineering team, where she's already been instrumental in launching our redesign.

Christina Farr

Christina Farr, who joined Fast Company as a senior writer, is an award-winning journalist who specializes in covering the field of health technology. Her work has appeared in USA Today, Mashable, and she covered Apple as a correspondent for Reuters. While she was the digital health editor for KQED, Refinery29 named her one of "eight women making moves in tech." Born and raised in London, Christina is now based is San Francisco and runs a monthly networking event called "Ladies Who Vino." If you want to attend (along with 1,000 other women) send her a message on Twitter: @chrissyfarr.

Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan has been writing about technology and business for over a decade, most recently as a writer for VentureBeat. As a senior editor at PC World and, Sullivan wrote several investigative feature stories, and in 2010 he contributed to a "Social Media Bill of Rights," along with privacy experts at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference. Mark loves the movie Blade Runner because it's about "robots slowly, then rapidly, attaining the capabilities (and even personality traits) of their human masters, and eventually challenging them," which he thinks is the story of the Millennium. He joins Fast Company as a senior writer, and is based in San Francisco.