Every Batman Fight Scene Onomatopoeia in One Alphabetical GIF

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Batman series, we’ve compiled every BLOOP! ZLONK! and KER-SPLOOSH! in one handy GIF.

Every Batman Fight Scene Onomatopoeia in One Alphabetical GIF
Adam West as Bruce Wayne, Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson, Robin in the TV series ‘Batman’, circa 1966. [Photo: Silver Screen Collection, Hulton Archive, Getty Images]

As the countdown to the most anticipated movie of the year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, ticks ever-so slowly toward March 25, there’s a very important birthday this year in the Batman franchise that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Fifty years ago today, ABC premiered the live-action series Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Robin, The Boy Wonder. Compared to the Batman renditions we’ve known as of late from directors Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, the 1960s Batman looks hammy at best–and that’s why it’s still so culturally relevant.

From composer Neal Hefti’s “da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na” theme song that’s reached iconic ear worm status to Robin’s entry in the canon of catchphrases with “Holy ____, Batman!” the 1960s Batman will always be a standout in the ever-expanding franchise. And we can’t talk about the campy crusader without those legendary fight scenes.

What better way to illustrate the grit of a scuffle with a ne’er-do-well than flashy onomatopoeic graphics blazing across the screen? BAM! A punch to the kisser. ZLOPP! A two-fisted uppercut right on the chin. THUNK! A viscous kick square in the chest. We’ve condensed all the fight scene graphics from the TV series and the 1966 movie into one GIF that very well could the densest area of action on the internet.


Didn’t catch all that? Here’s a list in alphabetical order:

  1. AIEEE!
  2. AIIEEE!
  3. ARRRGH!
  4. AWK!
  6. BAM!
  7. BANG!
  8. BANG-ETH!
  9. BAP!
  10. BIFF!
  11. BLOOP!
  12. BLURP!
  13. BOFF!
  14. BONK!
  15. CLANK!
  16. CLANGE!
  17. CLANK-EST!
  18. CLASH!
  19. CLUNK!
  20. CLUNK-ETH!
  21. CRAAACK!
  22. CRASH!
  24. CRUNCH!
  26. EEE-YOW!
  28. GLIPP!
  29. GLURPP!
  30. KAPOW!
  31. KAYO!
  32. KER-PLOP!
  34. KLONK!
  35. KRUNCH!
  36. OOOFF!
  37. OOOOFF!
  38. OUCH!
  39. OUCH-ETH!
  40. OWWW!
  41. OW-ETH!
  42. PAM!
  43. PLOP!
  44. POW!
  45. POWIE!
  46. QUNCKKK!
  47. RAKKK!
  48. RIP!
  49. SLOSH!
  50. SOCK!
  51. SPLAAT!
  52. SPLATT!
  53. SPLOOSH!
  54. SWAAP!
  55. SWISH!
  56. SWOOSH!
  57. THUNK!
  58. THWACK!
  60. THWAPE!
  61. THWAPP!
  62. TOUCHÉ!
  63. UGGH!
  64. URKK!
  65. URKKK!
  66. VRONK!
  67. WHACK!
  68. WHACK-ETH!
  69. WHAM-ETH!
  70. WHAMM!
  71. WHAMMM!
  72. WHAP!
  73. ZAM!
  74. ZAMM!
  75. ZAMMM!
  76. ZAP!
  77. ZAP-ETH
  78. ZGRUPPP!
  79. ZLONK!
  80. ZLOPP!
  81. ZLOTT!
  82. ZOK!
  83. ZOWIE!
  84. ZWAPP!
  85. Z-ZWAP!
  86. Z-Z-Z-Z-WAP!

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