Are Rats Even Real?

Today in Hoaxes.

Are Rats Even Real?
[Photo: Flickr user Alexey Krasavin]

Gothamist’s John Del Signore has a theory that all the recent viral rats are hoaxes, and it’s very convincing. Selfie Rat clearly was, and if you accept that, the others are much easier to believe. This Zardulu person has a lot to answer for in Hull’s HMP Humber jail though. And maybe Rob Ford smoking crack was a hoax too? Who knows! He was so high on crack at the time that he can’t remember what he smoked. Some things we all wish were hoaxes are tragically real, however, like this project by a Hungarian journalist to model seven different styles of digital blackface. It was extremely bad. The artist, despite “being a human right lawyer[sic] and journalist who knows pretty much[sic] about racism and similar issues[siiiiiic]” took down the post that was most widely mocked, but the internet was left so woke it might never sleep again. And also apparently not a hoax is this vaginal speaker you can use if you want to pretend your developing fetus is Manuel Noriega and your womb is the Vatican embassy in Panama.

It’s still better than “Birdman”

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