Free App Friday: 5 Great Everyday Time Savers

Mainline the news, get a workout in, auto-type passwords, and more.

Shave a few minutes here and there off your daily routine, and before you know it, you’ve got plentiful bonus minutes! For free! Spend them as you please. I might suggest sleeping and/or TV time, but get creative. They’re your bonus minutes.


1. Get Caught Up

Get a quick injection of current events with Yahoo News Digest (Android, iOS). Every morning and evening, you’ll get a summary of the top stories going on around the world, delivered with extra context such as related videos or Wikipedia snippets. This may very well be the least amount of effort you can exert in order to stay informed.

2. Get Your Family On The Same Page

It’s hard keeping everyone in the loop, and constantly texting each other back and forth all day doesn’t seem to help matters much. Cozi Family Organizer (Android, iOS) does most of the heavy lifting for you, synchronizing your family’s disparate calendars into one color-coded mega-calendar that sends out weekly agendas via email. You also get shared shopping and to-do lists as well.

3. Get Fit

You may *think* you don’t have time to work out, but you have seven minutes, don’t you? Come on. You have seven minutes. Take 7 Minute Workout (Android, iOS) on those days when you can’t get a full workout in. You’ll blast through 30-second sprints of bodyweight exercises, spaced out by 10-second rest periods. There are multiple routines to choose from, with clear instructions and helpful videos that showcase correct technique.

4. Get Rich

The Robinhood (Android, iOS) stock-trading app is lauded for its commission-free trades, but it’s also got an excellent interface that makes checking, buying, and selling stock slick and quick. You can keep an eye on the market with real-time data; the app even changes colors, depending upon whether the market’s open or closed.

5. Get Logged In

Think about it: how much time do you spend typing passwords each day? Dashlane (Android, iOS) makes quick work of your credentials, corralling the usernames and passwords for all the sites in a high-security vault behind one master password. When you visit one of your sites, Dashlane will spring to life, auto-filling the appropriate login boxes so you can get going without doing any tedious typing.