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More Than 180,000 People Have Registered Their Drones In The Last Two Weeks

The FAA says that anyone with a drone has until February 19 to register–or face potential fines up to $250,000

More Than 180,000 People Have Registered Their Drones In The Last Two Weeks
[Photo: Flickr user Day Donaldson]

More than 180,000 people have already registered their drones under new federal rules announced in December.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced its new rules last month, and said that anyone with a drone–or who would soon be getting one–had until February 19 to register.

Today, at CES in Las Vegas, FAA administrator Michael Huerta said that, so far, 181,061 people have gone through the registration process, according to The Verge, a sharp increase from the previously announced number of 45,000.

Although it’s unclear what the FAA’s enforcement plans are, it said upon unveiling the new system that recreational drone owners who fail to register prior to February 19 could be fined up to $27,500 in civil penalties, and could also face jail time or $250,000 in criminal penalties.

The government is charging $5 for registration, but that fee is being waived until January 20.

Not everyone is happy with the new rules. According to Forbes, the FAA has been sued, with the plaintiff arguing that the regulation violates provisions of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 that are said to prohibit the federal agency “from promulgating any new rules or regulations regarding model aircraft if they’re flown for hobby or recreational purposes.”


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