Horrible Australia

Horrible Australia
[Source photos: Flickr users Simon Cumming, centralniak]

When they tried to put away their Christmas tree, this Queensland family discovered a snake living in it.

In Adelaide, giant hunstman-killing spider wasps are starting their reproduction cycle, which involves laying an egg inside the local giant brown huntsman spiders, so that the larva can slowly consume the spider alive. “‘They tend to leave the vital organs till last…‘.”

Octopus Stinkhorn” is not the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. It is an evil-smelling fungus that… well let’s let Rachel Pick describe it:

The devil’s fingers burst from egg-like sacs, the tentacle-like structures slowly spreading like a malformed, grasping demon hand. The tentacles are covered in a brown mucus called gleba, which contains C. archeri’s spores. The fungus’s rotting-flesh stink then attracts flies, which get covered with the gleba so they can spread the spores elsewhere.

It’s now “plaguing the UK,” but where does this nightmare come from? Take a wild guess.

And we may all have microscopic mites living inside our faces, but in Australia they’re probably 4 feet long with poison-dripping tentacles.

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