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This Gorgeous Animated Tribute To “The Wire” Reminds You Why You Love “The Wire”

When you walk through the garden… hopefully you come across this beautiful animated encapsulation of what made HBO’s landmark show great.

This Gorgeous Animated Tribute To “The Wire” Reminds You Why You Love “The Wire”

For some, The Wire has become David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. It’s that intimidating, voluminous tome their most intellectually annoying friends speak of in reverent, hushed tones or fiery evangelical screams. These folks are aware of the HBO show’s storied reputation and fully intend to see how the reality stacks up against the hype. One day, eventually, they’ll get around to it. Perhaps after major, incapacitating dental surgery.

Those people can go take a hike with Chris Partlow and Snoop into one of the empties.

Everybody else: Gather ’round, pull up an interrogation chair, and prepare to relive what was surely one of the most transformative entertainment experiences of your life. A new animated video, simply titled The Wire, offers fanatics a beautifully animated encapsulation of everything that made David Simon’s landmark series so great. Animator Elliot Lim’s tribute is appropriately scored by the first of the five variations of the Tom Waits song “Down in the Hole“ that served as theme during the show’s legendary run from 2002-2008, which should immediately plunge those who’ve been away for a while right back into the heart of Baltimore.

The video captures the Russian-novelistic scope of the show, panning as it does from street-level hand-to-hand drug deals to mid-level suppliers all the way up to the highest levels of municipal governance. Lim also uses some abstract imagery to capture the themes of the show, like when an enormous cocaine-straw Hoovers up all the snow on the street, along with the young boy trudging through it. Anybody who’s seen The Wire will instantly feel the inkling to explore the show’s innate rewatchability, and anybody who hasn’t, well, get it together already–it’s 2016 right now.

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