19,000 People On Periscope Are Currently Watching English Pedestrians Hop A Puddle

If you’ve never used Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming tool, this may be a good and entertaining introduction. Tens of thousands of people (over 19,000 at last count) are currently watching a live stream video of people as they hilariously try to navigate a hazardous puddle on a pedestrian path in England.


Would they go around it? Jump over it? Ride a bike through it? Would someone wipe out? At one point a considerate Samaritan put out a yellow caution sign.

It is surprisingly addicting, and the viewers’ comments—and your own sense of omniscience (until, that is, the jumpers become self-aware and start waving)—make it even better:

“This is more addicting than Netflix.”
“This puddle is causing the FTSE to crash.”
“Make it a world heritage site.”
“This is the most British thing to happen to the Internet”
“The puddle is bigger than all of us.”
“Hello from the other side.”

By 11:15 a.m., the puddle-jumpers had had more than 345,000 viewers on Periscope.

You can watch it here.