• 01.05.16

Ford’s CEO On The Future Of Connected And Autonomous Cars

Mark Fields on how Ford is morphing from a car maker to a user-experience company–and why self-driving cars aren’t just for the wealthy.

Every year both businesses and tech lovers look to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a touchstone of current innovation and design. Car companies are no different. President and CEO of Ford Motor Company Mark Fields sat down with Fast Company’s Marcus Baram this week to share what Ford is revealing at CES 2016, and what it hopes to achieve in the coming year and beyond. The three biggest announcements are the development of Ford’s SmartDeviceLink platform for connecting apps and cars, the expansion of SYNC, and more resources being put into autonomous cars.


Ford’s SmartDeviceLink aims to become the universal API for cars, allowing any device and vehicle to be linked and communicate seamlessly. SYNC 3 will allow both Android and iPhone users to connect to the 2016 Ford Escape, and will be available on all 2017 model Ford and Lincoln vehicles. They expect 43 million vehicles worldwide will be equipped with SYNC by the end of the decade. Ford will also increase driverless car research and its test fleet, the ultimate goal of which is to produce a driverless car for the masses—not just for the upper classes.

Click play on the video to hear more about all the new exciting developments going on in Ford’s modern fleet.