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Monster Energy Goes Full “Mad Max” With Outrageous Off-Road Action Film

The brand’s heavy investment in content continues with The Doonies 2, a moto bro-meets-Fury Road desert extravaganza.

Monster Energy Goes Full “Mad Max” With Outrageous Off-Road Action Film

If the world ever actually devolved into the dystopian vehicular wasteland imagined by George Miller across all his Mad Max films, we’d all be forced to answer the painful question of how far our law-abiding, DMV-approved driving skills would take us? With its new short film, Monster Energy introduces us to a collection of stunt drivers and off-road experts that would likely thrive and rule on any Fury Road.

The Doonies 2, the sequel to 2014’s original, brings an outrageously talented group of drivers and riders to California’s Glamis Sand Dunes, a 45-by-6 mile sandbox playground for dirt bikes, dune buggies and more. With the airborne action, bare-cheeked babes, and heavy baselines, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Monster, a brand that’s forged its identity in action sports as Red Bull’s somewhat grittier rival, more likely to flip the bird than a thumbs up.

While it hasn’t yet reached the scope of Red Bull’s Media House juggernaut, Monster continues its significant investment in quality content aimed at the highly engaged and passionate audiences of action sports. the brand, along with Hurley, also helped bankroll the hit surf film View From A Blue Moon.

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