The First Trailer For Werner Herzog’s Internet Documentary Looks Pretty Apocalyptic

Werner Herzog is an international treasure. As a narrative filmmaker, he makes art out of concepts as unlikely as Klaus Kinski as a conquistador or a Nic Cage-led remake of Bad Lieutenant; as a famous voice and vision, he’s inspired pop culture including The Boondocks and Hugo Weaving’s accent as the Red Skull in Captain America; and as a documentary filmmaker, he’s found the pain and humanity in everything from a guy who goes to live with grizzly bears to the culture of texting and driving.

Werner Herzog

It’s in the latter capacity that we revisit Herzog today, as the trailer for his latest film as a documentarian–called, in appropriately grandiose fashion, Lo And Behold, Reveries Of The Connected World–was just released. That film tells the story of how the Internet became a de facto public utility, and while the trailer starts with the same sort of cute, decades-old clip of clueless broadcasters talking about the facts of life today like they’re science fiction that we’ve seen a lot of, it quickly takes a Herzogian twist–once Herzog’s narration kicks in, the downright apocalyptic stakes of the film are revealed. Blackouts, communication freezes, and the other risks that could accompany attacks on a resource as vital to the functioning of this modern world as the Internet get their due–with the same tone that Herzog uses when he’s sending a German POW back to Laos, or exploring why exactly that guy got eaten by grizzly bears. It sure looks like yet another terrifying Werner Herzog movie about something we rely on every day, and we mean that in the best way.