• 01.04.16

Judd Apatow’s Netflix Project Is Coming And It’s Better Than The First Teaser Suggests

Love is a love story that unfolds at a drastically reduced pace than most TV shows and movies, and the talent involved is incredible.

What’s to love about the teaser for Netflix’s forthcoming series, Love? Not much. It’s a series of playfully racy New Years resolution-themed title cards that zoom by so fast you may have to pause to digest them all. Is this an ad for a show Judd Apatow produced or a speedy scroll through Facebook on Universal Hangover Day? Make no mistake, when the show premieres on February 19, it will inspire the titular emotion in many viewers.


Love is the brainchild of Girls writer Lesley Arfin and comedic actor Paul Rust, who is also a writer himself. Somewhere on the way to getting married last October, the funny pair convinced Judd Apatow to co-create a series about their courtship. The difference between this show and every other series and movie about two people falling for each other is that it gets really granular. The main characters get together basically in real time. As Rust has mentioned on recent podcast appearances, rather than the pat, linear trajectory of most romantic relationships on TV, Love will take time to explore every little question and complication that comes with meeting someone, figuring out how to get in touch with them again, and so forth, without conveniently skipping ahead.

Netflix ordered two seasons of the half-hour show, the same display of confidence the streaming service gave House Of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Rust stars as Gus, and Arfin’s surrogate, Mickey, is played by Gillian Jacobs. While the truly teasing teaser trailer may merely list off some hip-sounding New Years resolutions, don’t let that stop you from adding ‘watch this show’ to your list of resolutions.

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