Geek Out On This Neat Collection Of Apple Products In Prague’s Unofficial Apple Museum

Though you can’t yet visit an official brick-and-mortar Apple Store in Prague, you can go to the next best thing: an Apple Museum.

Housed in three historical buildings in the capital of the Czech Republic, the museum calls itself “the largest private collection of Apple products in the world,” showcasing Apple, Pixar, and NeXT products across its 472 exhibits. Visitors can see everything from the first battery-powered Mac to a collection of Steve Jobs’s old business cards, as well as a range of fully functioning Apple computers from 1976 to 2012.

Photos of the museum were uploaded online earlier this month, courtesy of Reddit user “eirunning85.” Entry costs 11 euros, or about $12 U.S., with proceeds going to charity. Additionally, the museum plans on opening a restaurant called Steven’s Food, which will feature raw vegan foods apparently enjoyed by Jobs himself.

The official website calls Prague “the first city where you can see this unique exhibition,” implying that the exhibition could travel to other locations in the future.

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