The First Look At The Second Google Glass

It might surprise you to know that after the widespread derision aimed at the first version of Google Glass, the tech giant is readying a second iteration, and now we know what it will look like.

Although it’s not that different from the first, it’s going to be aimed at enterprises, as several reports earlier in the year from 9to5Google suggested. Now the first images of Google Glass 2.0 have surfaced, on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s website.

“The new version of Google Glass has a larger glass prism, a faster Intel Atom processor, 5GHz Wi-Fi for more bandwidth-intensive tasks such as video streaming, and a more rugged and waterproof design,” wrote Mashable. “Look carefully and you’ll also see there’s a foldable hinge where the length of the wearable meets the glass prism. The hinge should make Google Glass easier to stow away in a pocket; the only way to store the old version was to use the included hard/soft case.”

According to 9to5Google, the new Glass will only be distributed to Glass for Work partners, who will probably load their own software onto the device in advance. “At this point, it’s not likely that Google will be selling this device to consumers in any capacity.”

Google did not immediately respond to a Fast Company request for confirmation that the images on the FCC website were authentic. But 9to5Google reported that “sources tell us that the device has been in the hand of ‘hundreds’ of people across Glass for Work startups and in the field….More than one source has said that the companies are planning to officially begin adding the device to their offerings starting soon.”

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