A Vegas Taco Joint Turned Burglary Lemons Into Viral Advertising Lemonade

“Please help us find these guys so we can get them the tacos they rightfully deserve.”

Being the victim of a burglary sucks. That’s true whether it happens to your car, your house, or your business. But if you run a hip, fast-casual taco joint in Las Vegas and you get burgled about a week before Christmas, there can be a silver lining: You can use your security camera footage to turn the bad luck of being the target of two somewhat bumbling thieves into a hot viral video a few days before Christmas.


That’s what Vegas restaurant Frijoles and Frescas did after they were the victim of a burglary last week. The security camera footage captured the incident, which took place on the morning of December 16th–and in it, we see a pair of hooded burglars attempt to break into the restaurant–failing to break the first glass door with a rock, but succeeding on the second–and then scamper around the business looking for valuables. Because the Frijoles and Frescas crew clearly have a sense of humor, they edited the footage together from the various cameras and added titles–recasting the burglars’ romp through the store as a humble quest to find some after-hours tacos, adding emojis and a whole bunch of snark. It’s an A+ troll job on a couple of people they have every right to be mad at, and it also presumably brought the restaurant to the notice of a whole bunch of Vegas taco eaters who might not have thought about it much before–while the video went online shortly after the incident, it landed on the Reddit mainpage last night, and is poised to tip a million views in the next few hours.

We’ll hope that Frijoles and Frescas has insurance that’ll cover the door and whatever was taken out of the stolen registers, but even if they didn’t, that sort of return on an opportunistic ad is probably worth the money. Still, they haven’t given up hope that the burglar will be caught: The video ends with the message “Please help us find these guys so we can get them the tacos they rightfully deserve.” And with a million people watching the video, they may get that Christmas wish, too.

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