Here Are The Bill Nye Reaction GIFs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everyone’s favorite scientist and master lyricist Bill Nye can now add “GIF model” to his (already) impressive résumé.

To drum up awareness for The Planetary Society, an organization committed to the advancement of space science and exploration, the Science Guy has released a YouTube clip of himself reacting to different stimuli, providing Internet-savvy science junkies with ample material to create their own reaction GIFs. All he asks in return is that you consider becoming a Planetary Society member.

Why bother with these custom-reaction GIFs when you can pull from literally anywhere else on the Internet (or even make your own)? Because Bill Nye is amazing, that’s why, and nothing expresses “mind blown” quite like a GIF of a genius getting his mind blown by the cosmos.

If your go-to “LOL” and “cool story, bro” GIFs are met with a tepid response of late, the added gravitas of a renowned science educator is just what your GIF game needs. As Nye says himself, “steal them, repost them, modify them, have fun!”

Check out the full gallery of reaction GIFs here–and please, leave as many Bill Nye GIFs as you’d like in the comments below.

[via The Daily Dot]