Free App Friday: 5 Ways To Put Some Extra Money In Your Pocket

Get paid for shopping, pick up some freelance work, sell your stuff, and more.


The holidays are officially over, which means it’s time to try to put some money back in your pocket after it spent the past couple months gushing out like Mentos in a Coke bottle. There’s something for everyone here, depending upon how hard you’re willing to work.


1. Flex Your Freelance Muscle

Can you, you know, actually do stuff? If so, Field Nation (Android, iOS, Web) is worth a look. This isn’t at-home-in-your-pajamas work; you’ll have to go on-site, but if you’ve got experience with point-of-sale systems, networking, telecom, running cabling, or general computer skills, you could land medium- and longer-term contract gigs. Field Nation even handles paperwork, tax stuff, and gets you set up for twice-weekly payments.

2. Turn Receipts Into Cash

The concept behind Receipt Hog (Android, iOS) is simple. You scan your receipts–from any store–into the app, and the info is used anonymously for research marketing purposes. For doing so, you earn virtual coins that can be exchanged for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. As a bonus, all your receipts get digitized inside the app so you always have them close at hand if you need them.

3. Sell Your Stuff

You have plenty of valuable items you could stand to part with, yes? OfferUp (Android, iOS, Web) might be one of the easiest ways to do so. You take a picture of whatever you’d like to sell, add a quick description, and it gets listed for people in your general area to peruse. Buyers and sellers can message each other securely from within the app, and everyone gets rated so you can opt to only deal with high-reputation users.

4. Get Loot For Lingering

Shopkick (Android, iOS) lets you earn gift cards just for walking around big-name stores. Walk into Target, for instance, and you’ll get points (called “kicks”). If you scan certain items and buy stuff with a credit card linked inside the app, you’ll earn even more. You won’t get rich overnight, but if you’re spending a lot of time in brick-and-mortar retailers anyway, this is an easy way to get rewarded for it.

5. Rake It In, Five Bucks at a Time

The aptly named Fiverr (Android, iOS, Web) lets you work in quick, maniacal bursts for $5 per project. Can you draw? Great! Offer to doodle something unique for people. Are you good at proofreading? Splendid. It takes you five minutes, but it’s a valuable service to plenty of people.