Tesla Cars Will Get Free Spotify Premium–But Not In The U.S.

Tesla Cars Will Get Free Spotify Premium–But Not In The U.S.
[Photo: Flickr user Franklin Heijnen]

New Tesla owners will get a free Spotify Premium account in their cars, but not in the United States.

According to The Telegraph, buyers of Tesla’s Model S cars in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong will have voice-controlled access to the streaming service. Spotify is replacing Tesla’s previous streaming music partner, Rdio, which recently shuttered. It’s not clear what service, if any, American Tesla owners will be able to use.

The Verge reported that the offering will extend to Model X owners as well.

Current Model S owners will be able to get Spotify access through an over-the-air software upgrade.

Tesla owners will only have free access to the Spotify Premium service in their cars. They’ll need an existing account, or a new one, to access the service away from the vehicles.

Owners will first press a button on their steering wheel or on the car’s touch-screen display to activate voice control, and then they will be able to access Spotify’s 30 million track library.

The Telegraph, citing Spotify’s senior manager for automotive business development, reported that the partnership had been in the works for “many months.” If true, that timeline is notable, given that Rdio only recently shut down.

The deal is just the latest feather in Spotify’s automotive cap. It has also struck similar deals with Mini, BMW, and Ford, and has been integrated with Apple’s CarPlay system.

A Tesla spokesperson did not immediately respond to a Fast Company request for confirmation.DT