If You Ruin Your Christmas Turkey, This Insurance Brand Will Replace It For Free

Direct Line is offering to save the day for London’s accident-prone Christmas dinner cooks.

Londoners, rejoice! Should you wreck your Christmas Day turkey, insurers Direct Line will rush a replacement to you, cooked and ready-to-serve, complete with garnish. At no charge!


In what appears to be a rather risky move, Direct Line is offering to come to the rescue of anyone who has a festive cooking failure within a three-mile radius of its turkey logistics operational center in south London.

Eligible disasters range from burnt offerings to dropped turkeys and even those who forgot to take the bird out of the freezer in the first place, or realize too late that they failed to turn the oven on.

The “turkey-mergency” service is the brainchild of ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi London. Executive creative director Andy Jex says the idea is to build on Direct Line’s brand identity and existing marketing activity. “Direct Line is all about fixing and it already does some social media activity that sorts out people’s minor disasters – but we wanted to do a big, amplified version for Christmas,” he says.

A number of nightmare Christmas-related scenarios were considered, including forgotten and wrong gifts. “In the end, an emergency turkey delivery was the one we went for, because there’s a lot of fear out there about cooking Christmas dinner, and a lot of pressure on people to make it perfect,“ says Jex. “The challenge of doing something live on Christmas day was also a good one. There’s a lot of Christmas-related activity but hardly any gets done on Christmas day itself.”

To that end, a team of professional chefs will be on standby on December 25th, and will start cooking at 6 a.m. Phone calls and tweets using the hashtag #merryfixmas will be responded to between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. Direct Line says freshly-cooked, ethically sourced turkeys will be delivered within an hour of cooking in a purpose built delivery van.

London was selected because the U.K. capital is home to the nation’s worst turkey chefs, according to research conducted by the insurer. Alas, beef, goose, or any other kind of cooking-related crisis is not covered.

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Louise Jack is a London-based journalist, writer and editor with a background in advertising and marketing. She has written for several titles including Marketing Week, Campaign and The Independent.