Samsung Used 112 Galaxy Tab S2 Tablets To Build A Giant Touchscreen Piano

And it actually works.

There are plenty of piano apps available for your tablet or phone–but they’re best for goofing off with, rather than actually playing music. You can have fun with them, but there’s a reason why real pianos aren’t 9 inches long.


This Christmas, though, Samsung figured out a way to make the tablet piano a viable musical instrument. As part of a Christmas display in London’s Spitalfields Market, the company built a full-sized piano out of 112 of its Galaxy Tab S2 tablets that actually works. Tapping the host of the British reality show Pop Star to Opera Star Myleene Klass as the performer, Samsung unveiled “the world’s first upright piano made entirely out of Samsung tablets.”

That “entirely” is kind of misleading–in addition to tablets, there was an equalizer, an amplifier, two speakers, and a USB interface to make them all work together, but the bones of the piano, from the keyboard to the exterior, are all tablets. The 106 devices that aren’t used to play music flash Christmas-themed animations instead, which means that if you’re inspired to build your own copycat device at home, you can probably avoid shelling out for all of the tablets that Samsung used in their version of the piano and go with some plastic instead.

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