• 12.18.15

Watching Taylor Swift’s Apple Concert? There’s a Drinking Game for That: #SwiftDrinks

Taylor Swift and Apple have gone from frenemies to BFFs–let’s drink to that, shall we?

Watching Taylor Swift’s Apple Concert? There’s a Drinking Game for That: #SwiftDrinks

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift announced a concert/documentary special that will stream exclusively on Apple Music–a very pretty bow on top of a buried hatchet, if you will.


When her album 1989 was released, Swift took Apple, and all streaming services for that matter, to task for not adequately paying artists during free trials or freemium options. But Swift and Apple are past all of that now with Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour most likely bringing a surge in subscribers to Apple Music.

In honor of Apple and Swift making nice, not to mention Swift’s insane year atop charts and album sales, let’s raise a toast–well, toasts.

From unachievable squad goals to adorkable monologues, Swift’s concerts are just begging for a drinking game. So here are the rules: whenever Swift does any of the following, take a shot or sip. And make sure you tweet photos and videos of you playing with #SwiftDrinks so we can embed them in the post! Heads up: You’re about to get “Tay-nked.”

#SwiftDrinks: Take a sip or shot whenever Taylor Swift…

  • Brings out a very special guest
  • Talks about or shows pictures of cats
  • Plays an instrument
  • Struts
  • Says the name of the city she’s in
  • Makes her legendary “surprised” face
  • Espouses life-affirming advice

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