Make Socks To Pause Netflix When You Fall Asleep, Because That’s The World We Live In

You’re all too familiar with the situation: it’s a Friday night, you’ve poured yourself a glass of pinot noir, and you’re ready to binge watch whatever show everyone’s been talking about at the office water cooler. One episode turns to two to three to six—until you’ve conked out and found yourself at who-knows-what episode when you wake up.

Netflix’s proposed solution to your problem? Socks.

Timed perfectly for the holidays (and the stingy part of you that wants to get DIY gifts for everyone in your family), these knitted “Netflix socks” are designed to automatically pause your Netflix show once they’ve sensed you’ve fallen asleep. Brilliant though the idea may be, the downside is that you’ll have to make these yourself. So if your craft skills max out at toilet paper roll reindeer, you might want to consider something a little less involved.

Otherwise, it’s helpful to know that the socks base their sleep detection system on a method called actigraphy, which uses an accelerometer to tell when you’ve stopped moving for a period of time, ostensibly because you’ve fallen asleep. But if you’re actually just engrossed in an episode of Jessica Jones, an LED light in the sock’s cuff flashes red to warn you that Netflix is about to pause, so you can just shake your leg and resume viewing uninterrupted.

Why anyone would go out of their way to actually make these remains a mystery, but Netflix has included detailed step-by-step instructions on its site, as well as sock designs for its most popular shows. So even if you’re too late to make these as Christmas presents, they’re another great way of passing by the dark, cold winter months, in addition to, you know, watching Netflix.