From Darth Vader To Jimmy Dean Sausage, There’s A 2015 Yule Log For Everybody

Just the other day, Jimmy Dean sausages debuted an 11-hour commercial. Now, before dismissing such a long ad as someone’s version of hell, you should know that it was an 11-hour Sausage Yule Log. Yep, a holiday yule log video starring cooking sausages.

Created by agency Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, Jimmy Dean brand manager Nadine Rich, says the idea came from seeing just how popular yule log videos have become. “We also know that, oddly enough, people love videos of cooking bacon,” says Rich. “Why not a Yule Log video of delicious sizzling sausage? Our team at Ogilvy Chicago came to us with an innovative idea that tied the exciting sizzle of sausage with a holiday classic millions enjoy every year, and so the Sausage Yule Log was born.”

It’s not the only one. Lagavulin Whisky served up a 45-minute delight of Nick Offerman just sitting in front of a roaring hearth, sippin’ its tasty nectar.

Then, for the fans who want to make Star Wars a bigger part of their holiday season, a five-hour loop of a certain Sith Lord’s cremation ceremony from the end of Return of the Jedi. Yep, Darth Vader on fire for five hours. If that doesn’t say, “Joy to the World” then nothing does.

And finally, we have what could be called Real Talk Yule Log. This one-hour NSFW masterpiece gives a fireside view of one couple’s not-so silent night.

The beauty of the Yule Log is that it’s so boring, static, and predictable that it’s now a canvas for holiday creativity and/or insanity. Find your vintage in the slide show above.JB