Tony Hale Wants You To Get Out For A Real Lunch In New Subway Campaign

It’s generally accepted that taking a proper lunch break is the right thing to do, both for our own well-being and in terms of enhancing productivity. But it’s just not always that simple, right?

So much of the time a quick snack or sandwich, eaten hastily at our desk, is the best we think we can do. Subway’s #SaveLunchBreak campaign aims to convince people to take a real lunch break, and it’s enlisted Veep and Arrested Development star Tony Hale to help propel people out of the office.

The Emmy-winning actor has written and stars in three new ads, created with agencies Catalyst and 360i. The first, Sub-liminal Monologue” shows Hale sneaking around an office, trying to plant the idea of taking a lunch break in the minds of the workforce. As he voices their imagined inner dialogues, he becomes increasingly, um, forceful as his approaches fail.

Two further films in the series, all of which were directed by Charles Hood, will be released later this week.

Earlier this month, Subway named former Coca-Cola marketing executive Joseph Tripodi as CMO, replacing Tony Pace who stepped down in the wake of the child pornography scandal surrounding long-term Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.LJ