5 Great Free Apps For When You Need To Be In Two Places At Once

Hold video calls, access your files, provide tech support, and more.


Unless you know something we don’t, it’ll probably be a while before you’re able to clone yourself. While you’re waiting, here are a handful of apps you can use to make the most of only being able to physically be in one place at a time.


1. Set Up a Quick Video Call

The next time you need to remotely meet with a large group of people, try the (link) videoconferencing service. The free version lets you hold virtual get-togethers with as many as 50 people for up to 40 minutes per session, but doesn’t skimp on features: Video is streamed in HD, your guests can digitally raise their hands to ask questions, and screen-sharing is included. There are even breakout rooms for splitting up into smaller teams, and group white-boarding to help you take care of business.

2. Grab Your Files on the Go

If you’ve signed up for a million cloud storage services, Odrive (link) is a godsend. Available for Windows and Mac, the app hooks into popular cloud storage services, social networks, and email systems in order to corral all your files in one place. Drill into the “Odrive” folder on your machine and you’ll find several sub-folders named after the services you use. Watch as they all sync up with the latest versions of each of your files, photos, and videos so that everything’s up to date and a couple clicks away whenever you need it.

3. Connect Remotely

It happens to the best of us: You’re at home and you need something on your work machine. You’re at work and you need something on your home machine. Google’s simple but powerful Chrome Remote Desktop (link) app lets you access a far-flung computer as though you were sitting right in front of it. You can also use it to provide quick tech support to friends and family: Once they’ve got the app up and running, they can provide you with a unique code that grants you access to their machine. Looks like you just became the designated IT person around here.

4. Keep in Touch With Your Team

There’s no shortage of group messaging apps out there, but Jive Chime (link) is worth a closer look due to its business-first DNA. Built so that remote teams can stay in contact with one another, it’s quick to set up and simple to use. Teams can talk in group chat rooms, split off to one-on-one rooms, or open public rooms to interact with customers, and the app includes receipts so you can make sure your underlings have read the messages you’ve been sending.

5. Work on Documents Together

Swoodle (link) is a powerful app for iOS and Android that lets you team-edit documents, presentations, images, and more in real time. Highlight, cross out, and update various items as others see the same changes reflected on their devices, and leverage the built-in voice, video, and chat features to provide an additional level of collaboration. The app provides version support so you can keep track of what you’ve been working on, and you can assign save privileges to only certain people in order to keep things from getting out of hand.