Watch Japan’s Anti-Drone Squad Capture A Rogue ‘Copter With A Net

Take a look at Japan’s Anti-Drone Squad in action. See them swoop and feint as they try to catch a smaller drone in a net.

Yes, a net. This seems like a pretty low-tech way to nab a high-tech rogue quadcopter, but as you can see, it does the job. Tokyo set up its first Anti-Drone Squad earlier this month. According to Japan Today, the squad consists of “dozens” of officers and is ready to leap into highly-trained action at the first sign of illegal drone activity. Maybe criminals will start hiring crack drone getaway drivers.

When drones are spotted in no-fly zones, the squad will search for the operators and order them to ground the drones. If they fail to comply, the squad will scramble large drones equipped with cameras and nets measuring 2 to 3 meters in length.

What if you’re a recreational drone flyer, and you don’t fancy a futuristic Keystone Cops style chase every time you launch? You’ll need to apply to the transport ministry by postal mail, ten working days in advance of your flight. Yes, postal mail. If anything typifies Japan’s dual personality, split between ancient and modern, a postal application to avoid the drone squad’s attention is it.CS