Hollywood’s Next Big Film Could Be Here: The 2015 Black List

The 11th annual survey of film execs’s favorite scripts is out–let the future Oscar buzz commence.


As film award season ramps up, it’s time to reflect on all the scripts that were the most talked about everywhere except theaters. At least for now.


The Black List, an annual survey of more than 250 film exec’s favorite scripts that haven’t begun production, has just been released–and judging by the survey’s history, this list could very well be the next batch of Oscar darlings.

Started in 2005 by former film exec Franklin Leonard, The Black List has surfaced the scripts of critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning gems including Argo, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, and Whiplash. Not to mention, so far, The Black List’s picks that have been developed into films have generated $25.25 billion at the box office worldwide.

The Black List is compiled from the votes of film execs who submit up to 10 scripts that were written within the year but have not begun principal photography. The scripts are then ranked by the number of votes, and 2015’s top pick is Bubbles by Isaac Adamson:

A baby chimp is adopted by the Pop star Michael Jackson. Narrating his own story, Bubbles the Chimp details his life within The King of Pop’s inner circle through the scandals that later rocked Jackson’s life and eventually led to Bubbles’ release.

That Oscar is as good as yours, Adamson.

Check out all the scripts on The Black List here as well as the slideshow above.

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