• 12.14.15

Are You Ready For “The 12 Days of Deadpool”?

The #12DaysOfDeadpool will be filled with Deadpool-y goodness spread across the Internet, leading up to a new trailer on Christmas.

In the lead-up to the violently anticipated superhero flick, Deadpool, one never has to wonder how the spandex-clad, quip-happy killer spends his holidays. First, we saw what he got up to on Halloween, and now we get 12 days with Ryan Reynolds’s favorite Marvel character as he prepares for Christmas. Apparently, this year, Deadpool is the reason for the season.


The #12DaysOfDeadpool launched today with a video that makes at least three references to Wade Wilson’s genitals. (If you’ve read the comics, you know that’s actually kind of on the low side.) Each of the next 12 days promises to be filled with Deadpool-y goodness in one form or another, slathered across the Internet, all leading up to the debut of a new trailer on Christmas. Whether you watch the new trailer with your entire family, or slip out to the porch and do so alone is up to your discretion.

Considering that the movie finally comes out on February 12, look for a video tie-in for Valentine’s Day as well, though one hopes he takes a pass on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January.

Have a look below at the new poster Entertainment Weekly premiered today, which stays true to the raunchy spirit of everything we’ve seen of Reynolds’s snappy superhero so far.

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