• 12.11.15

What If Uzo Aduba and Abigail Breslin Played Hannibal Lector And Tyler Durden?

Watch as a trio of young actresses take on some of film’s most iconic male roles and completely kill it.

When it comes to movie monologues you could recite in your sleep, Anthony Hopkins’ take on Hannibal Lector’s first encounter with Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs, Brad Pitt’s deliver of Tyler Durden’s message to the “space monkeys” of Fight Club, and Daniel Day Lewis’ glorious final rant as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood are probably at the top of the list. And while all of those performances are downright iconic, the fact that these sort of hardboiled monologues always seem to go to male actors is unfair. Why can’t a lady scream “I drink your milkshake!” until Paul Dano cowers into submission?


The answer is “now.” In the “Role Reversal” webseries from Glamour, these iconic monologues of masculinity get reinterpreted by talented young actresses–Orange Is The New Black star Uzo Aduba brings her crazy eyes to Hannibal Lector, nailing a chilling turn through the lip-licking monologue designed to intimidate poor Agent Starling, while Abigail Breslin dons a leather jacket and whips out a bar of soap to opine about the lack of great wars and great depressions that the Tyler Durden generation faces. Julia Garner, meanwhile, lacks some of the gravity that Daniel Day Lewis brought to his character in Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece–but seeing a woman deliver that monologue ought to convince you that even if it’s tough to buy a 21-year-old as Plainview, someone like, say, Garner’s Grandma co-star Lily Tomlin could have probably killed it.

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