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Michelle Obama’s Guest Verse On A College Humor Rap Track About College Is Everything

“Jay Pharoah (feat. Michelle Obama)” is now an artist you can add to your iTunes library.

Michelle Obama’s Guest Verse On A College Humor Rap Track About College Is Everything

The idea of our political figures rapping has undergone a massive transformation recently. Blame it on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rap reinterpretation of the founding fathers in Hamilton, maybe, but we’ve definitely come a long way from the days of MC Rove inexplicably attempting to rock the mic at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2007.

We’re probably a few election cycles away from a President who has a Soundcloud account floating around that contains his earnest attempts at college bedroom rap, but we do have something that’s perhaps even more satisfying: A rap track (and music video) about the importance of pursuing higher education–called “Go To College,” naturally–performed by Saturday Night Live‘s Jay Pharoah and featuring a guest verse from none other than Michelle Obama.

The FLOTUS keeps her appearance short–just a handful of bars–but she acquits herself nicely on the mic, with her vocal layered and her flow punctual. “Young people should go to college” is among the more universally agreed-upon sentiments that a politician can offer, but watching a video in which the First Lady of the United States delivers that message in a recording studio is thrilling nonetheless. The Obamas are doing some interesting things in their lame-duck year–from forgiving certain kinds of student debt to commenting on the Humans of New York Facebook page to, sure, spitting a verse about the importance of higher education. The Obama family’s post-Presidency probably won’t include much rapping, but it’s nice to see that the First Lady, at least, can drop some knowledge if she’s so inclined.

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