This Borat-Approved Trailer For “Brothers Grimsby” Puts a Twist On James Bond Movies

“I understand why you love guns so much,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s character says, pointedly, during the preview for his new movie. “It completely detaches you from the guilt of your actions.” Though the line was written possibly years before the most recent shootings in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino, including it in the new trailer for The Brothers Grimsby, which premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, seems intentional. It’s a satirical way to comment on America’s rising obsession with guns, packaged with an action-comedy that looks to feature loads of people getting shot to death.

All messages aside, the film is a funny twist on the James Bond/ James Bourne mold of modern spy movies. Now, we now what you’re thinking: Rowan Atkinson already covered this territory in the 2011 film, Johnny English Reborn. Perhaps there is just a smidge of a chance that Atkinson’s more juvenile-targeting approach left some room to explore the parodic aspects of espionage and assassins for hire. In the film, Cohen plays Nobby Grimsby, a genial doof who has been searching for his long lost brother–who turns out to be an elite government killer. Hijinx of the bloody variety ensue.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the trailer is how it premiered. Cohen revived his beloved, terminally 2007, catchphrase-spawning character, Borat, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to present the trailer. Over the course of the appearance, we learn what Borat thinks of Donald Trump and we also learn that Kimmel’s name apparently means something markedly different in Kazakhstan than it does in America. Have a look at Borat reborn in the clip below.