10 Habits To Adopt Now To Be Better At Your Job In 2016

If you want to be better at your job next year, consider changing your habits.

So much of being successful at your job has little to do with the actual work you do. A lot of success comes from how you approach your workday: Are you optimistic? Curious? Productive? Did you get enough sleep?


As we head into the New Year we’ve compiled a list of the most important habits that will make you better at your job.

1. Finally Get Enough Sleep

The most productive people know the importance of getting enough sleep and they have certain habits to make sure they are well rested and at their best. For starters, break your alarm clock addiction. Read more: 6 Sleep Habits Of Productive People

2. Become The Go-To Ideas Person

Aha moments aren’t magic; they come to people who have cultivated daily habits of approaching life differently. Start by taking a closer look at industries outside of your own. Read more: 8 Habits Of People Who Always Have Great Ideas


3. Cross Everything Off Of Your To-Do List Every Day

Few things are quite as fulfilling as scratching that last item off of your daily to-do list, but most of us can never seem to get through every item. To accomplish everything you set out to do each day, it’s essential to understand what types of work you do best at different times of the day, and organize your list to suit your style. Read more: 6 Habits Of People Who Accomplish Everything On Their To-Do Lists

4. Be The Person Everyone Admires

From the sought-after industry leader to the person who’s unanimously approved for the promotion, people with great reputations seem to have an easier time at success. But their status doesn’t happen overnight or by chance. The first step in being that person everyone admires is to do what you say you’re going to do. “You can have a reputation of being friendly or nice, but if you don’t get it over the finish line, your reputation will suffer,” says Grace Killelea, CEO and founder of the women’s leadership program Half the Sky. Read more: 7 Habits Of People With Great Reputations

5. Reach All Of Your Goals

People with healthy ambition harness it so that it fires them without burning those around them. To harness your ambition and reach all of your goals, avoid the trap of comparing yourself with others, and measure success only against what you are capable of achieving. Read more: Six Habits Of Ambitious People


6. Ask More Questions

Regaining our sense of curiosity from childhood is important to our success, and luckily experts say we can relearn the trait. Start by simply asking more open-ended questions. Questions that start with “how,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” can’t be answered with a “yes” or “no,” and you’re more likely to learn something. Read more: 8 Habits Of Curious People

7. Be The Most Liked Person In The Office

Likable people receive more job offers and promotions, they’re more likely to be forgiven when they make a mistake, and people do what they say because they’re deemed to be more credible. The good news is that anyone can become the most liked person in the office with a few habit changes. Start by saying nice things about other people, because when you say positive things about other people, those words can rub off on you. Read more: Seven Habits Of Likable People

8. Keep Your Cool No Matter How Unsure You Are

Becoming confident takes practice, calculated risk-taking, and changes in the way you think. Nothing builds confidence like taking action that involves risk and failure, so step out of your comfort zone little by little. Confident people start small and continue to take action until they become more comfortable with the risk. Read more: Six Habits Of Confident People


9. Always See The Glass As Half Full

Optimists make more money than pessimists and enjoy health benefits such as fewer colds, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and a longer life. But like any healthy habit, optimism is something you need to practice every day. One easy way to practice being more optimistic is to find things every day (even small things) to be grateful for. Read more: Seven Habits Of Optimistic People

10. Finally Get Your Desk Organized

You know that coworker who is super-organized, punctual, and finishes projects with time to spare? One secret of organized people is simplicity. When organizing systems are complex, they often go unused. Organized people use simple tools that make an easy job of putting things away, like baskets to hold receipts that need to be filed, bills that need to be paid, and books that are waiting to be read. Read more: Seven Habits Of Organized People

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