Kill Your Chair! The Standing Desk Explosion Of 2015

Seriously, how do you not have a standing desk by now?


We all know sitting all day at work is slowly killing us. Now the question is how to design anti-sitting desks that people will actually want to use–and how to get everyone, including kids, using them.


In 2015, an elementary school in California became the first in the world to switch to 100% standing desks, while a Danish designer optimized a kid-sized standing desk as a way to transform “sitting culture.

Other designers worked to go beyond the standing desk, since just standing in place isn’t necessarily great for health either. A surfboard-like desk lets you rock and move. There’s new proof that treadmill desks might not only keep you healthier, but also improve your work.

And pragmatic designers catered to the lazy: If people might not quite be ready to stand all day long, there’s now an ergonomic option to work lying down or kinda-sorta sitting.

1. Forget Treadmill Desks: This Device Lets You Surf In Place At Your Standing Desk
And you thought standing was good for you.

2. Should Your Kids’ School Have Standing Desks? These CrossFitters Think So
Crossfit’s Kelly Starrett, with help from DonorsChoose, is pioneering a new classroom style that’s improving students’ health and focus—starting in one California elementary school.

3. Treadmill Desks Aren’t Just Healthier, They’ll Also Boost Your Work Performance
Actual walking outside helps, too. If you can be away from your screen for that long.


4. Instead Of Standing, Why Not Lie Down While You Work? This Desk Lets You Do Both
Finally, a desk that acknowledges all we want to do at work is be horizontal.

5. Welcome To The World’s First Elementary School With Standing Desks For Every Student
At Vallecito Elementary in California, kids are learning on their feet.

6. Your Standing Desk Makes You Feel So Healthy, So You Go Straight Home And Sit Down
New research finds that standing at work leads to more laziness elsewhere.

7. With This New Chair-Ish Thing, You Sort Of Get The Benefit Of Standing At Work, Without Fully Standing

For that unique combination of motivated and extremely lazy.

8. A Standing Desk For Kids, To Help Change Sitting Culture (There’s An Adult Size, Too)


Breaking the deadly habit of sitting all day before the habit starts.

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