Bike Sharing, Driverless Cars, And Hyperloops: 2015 In Transportation

However you like to get around, it got better in 2015.


2015 was the year we continued to see new types of transportation, including self-driving cars and buses, all kinds of drones, and even futuristic trains, like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.


It was also when we started to see transport become better integrated. Bike-share companies looked to become part of wider transit systems (rather than just standalone services). Uber started to share data with cities, auguring a time when ride-sharing become part of public networks. And, we saw plenty of new apps and sites allowing people to move more seamlessly between modes. For any given journey, we can now understand the best way to get from A to B.

There were some failures as well. Leap Transit, an upmarket private bus service in San Francisco, went out of business (not that anyone minded too much). Generally things got better. As we gather and crunch data more effectively, we should be able to move more quickly and with less hassle, even as cities become more congested with people.

1. Boston Is Using Uber Data To Plan Better Urban Transportation
For once, Uber does good with its trove of data.

2. A Better Use For Delivery Drones: Transporting Medical Samples In Remote Places
Blood and urine could soon be taking to the skies. Don’t look up.

3. This App Wants To Help Public Transit Compete With Uber
Imagine: public buses on demand.


4. The Future Of Bike Sharing: Becoming Part Of Public Transit
The operator of bike-share programs across the nation wants to make hopping on a bicycle a more seamless experience.

5. Moovit Crowdsources Public Transit Data, So You’ll Never Get Stuck Waiting For The Bus Again
It’s like Waze for public transit.

6. To Reduce Traffic, Atlanta Will Pay Drivers To Use Public Transit
Get off the interstate when it’s busy, and you get a credit to use it when it’s not.

7. Russian Railways Wants To Build An Insanely Long Train That Runs From Europe To North America
“This is an inter-state, inter-civilization project.” But is it even a good idea?

8. Insect Design: Learning How To Build Transportation Networks From Ants


Ants build complex, resource efficient networks with no central planning—that’s definitely something humans can learn a thing or two about.

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