This Is A List Of The Best Lists We Listed In 2015

The happiest countries, the happiest states, the cities that will survive climate destruction–and more. All in a handy numbered list format!


There are many countries in the world, and even more cities. Some countries and cities are better than others–at least when it comes to specific criteria. And so it is often helpful to list those countries (or cities, or U.S. states) in a ranked order, to show which are at the top and which are at the bottom. People like to consume information this way, so it’s a win-win.


We found ourselves listing many things this year. In which country are the people the happiest, for instance? And the second happiest? And the third happiest? (Australia, Norway, and Sweden were the answers of this particular survey). You might also want to know–if, say, you are planning a move–that Frankfurt is the city most prepared for climate change. Nairobi on the other hand, you might want to leave out of your long-term plans.

The best cities for biking, the best countries to be a mother, the best cities for millennials, all ranked for your easy-to-consume pleasure. Enjoy!

1: The Countries Where People Have The Best Well-Being In The World

Money isn’t everything. Nations that have better work-life balance, health care, and education offer the best quality of life.

2: The States Where People Are Feeling The Best And The Worst


Alaska, Wyoming, and New Mexico are seeing the largest gains in well-being. And we’re sorry for you if you live in West Virginia or Kentucky.

These Are The 20 Best Cities For Biking In The World, And A U.S. City Actually Made The List

If Minneapolis—despite its sub-zero winters—can do it, so can the rest of America.

4: The 10 Cities That Are Doing The Most For Millennials

Cities want to attract young people but are mostly run by and for old people. These are the 10 cities that focus best on the kids.


5: The 10 Most Sustainable Cities That Will Thrive As The World Crumbles

A new ranking looks at three factors that go into making a city successful: people, planet, and profit.

6: These States Are The Most (And Least) At Risk From Climate Change

If there is one state that is especially screwed, it’s Florida.

7: The Best And Worst Countries To Be A Mother


The best: Europe. The worst: Africa. The surprising? The United States has the highest maternal death rate of any advanced nation.

8: Everyone Can’t Move To Florida: The 10 Best Cities To Live In As You Grow Old

The nation’s over-65 population is growing fast. And most of them would like to stay right where they are.

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