These Are The Most Viral Animals Of 2015

Pizza rat, Cecil the lion, and more.

These Are The Most Viral Animals Of 2015
[Photo: Flickr user Matt Zimmerman]

With 2015 coming to an end, we are looking back at some of the most popular animals on the Internet this year. We saw rats steal food, eagles (and chimps) attack drones, and an inexplicable number of cats terrified by cucumbers. Here is a list of the animals that made headlines in 2015:

  1. Pizza rat
  2. Eagle drone
  3. Chimp drone
  4. Cecil the lion
  5. Most shared ad of 2015
  6. Nola, a northern white rhino that died this year. There are now only three white rhinos in the world.
  7. Vincent the cat
  8. Motorcyclist saves kitten
  9. Cucumber vs cat
  10. Marnie the dog

Pizza Rat

The most famous, most dedicated rat of 2015:

Eagle vs. Drone

Nature: 1. Technology: 0.

Chimp vs. Drone

Don’t mess with a camera-shy chimp.

Cecil the Lion

One of the most talked-about animals of the year, Cecil the African lion was killed by an American dentist in a game park in Zimbabwe, sparking in intense outrage across the globe.

“Friends Furever”

This Android ad has been shared more 6.4 million times.

Nola the White Rhino

Nola, a female northern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo, died this year. She was one of only four white rhinos left on the planet.


Vincent the Cat

Vincent became a bionic cat this year after he was given two prosthetic legs.

Motorcyclist Saves Kitten

A guardian angel dressed in leather and a helmet saved this little guy from a not-so-happy ending.

Cucumber vs. Cat

Cucumbers: the scariest cat toys of 2015.

Marnie The Dog

That tongue! That walk! Need I say more?