This Prank Presents Bible Verses As Quran Passages To Make a Smart Point

It turns out that when YouTubers pass off bible passages to passersby as sections from the Quran, casual prejudices come to the forefront.

This week, Donald Trump announced a serious desire to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, thus adding a fresh coat of nightmare to the already-Orwellian sweep of his presidential bid. Back in the salad days when Trump was merely a human-sized sentient clown shoe who fired people on TV, such an announcement would be hilarious. What a boob! Get a load of this fascist man-baby! Now that Trump is an inexplicably viable political candidate, Islamophobic rhetoric like this—which he has already doubled down on—is dangerous.


Somebody has found a pretty clever way of defusing such sentiments on the street, however, or at least calling out their irrationality.

Dutch media company Dit Is Normaal, recently took to the streets to get an honest temperature read on the average person’s thoughts on Islam. The crew carried out a prank—or “social experiment,” if you will—in an attempt to stem the tide of anti-muslim sentiment in the wake of the recent Paris attacks and the shooting in San Bernardino. Since Muslims have been accused of practicing a religion that is completely incompatible with the values of Western culture, “The Holy Quran Experiment” proves that anything shocking in Islamic religion has a counterpart in Christianity.

Dit Is Normaal highlights disturbing passages from the Bible and then disguises the book as the Quran. They then recite these parts to people on the street willing to listen to a bit of “The Quaran,” to give their opinion on how it differs from the substance of the Bible. It’s a religious Pepsi Challenge of sorts, and it reveals a lot about our deep-set prejudices. “Hearing this, I would think the Quaran is more aggressive,” says one young man, “Especially with cutting off people’s hands. Little does he apparently know that cutting off people’s hands is a staple of the Bible. (And that it gets worse too.)

Recently, Co.Create deemed the ongoing Obvious Plant series of fake signs “the world’s only good prank.” We were wrong.

[via DesignTaxi]