The #GOPdildos Hashtag Protests Semi-Automatic Weapons By Replacing Them With Sex Toys

Regardless of anyone’s individual position in the contentious gun control debate that’s been reignited following recent shootings in Colorado Springs, San Bernardino, and [insert location of next shooting here], most of us agree on at least one thing: Guns are super phallic. Especially the long-barrel semi-automatic weapons favored by the sort of folks who go on mass-shooting sprees. We can argue whether that’s by coincidence or design, but either way—guns are undeniably penis-shaped.

One group who enjoys being photographed with guns a lot are Republican presidential candidates. In the ever-fractured culture war that is American politics, posing with a gun on the campaign trail is a way of identifying to GOP voters that you’re one of them. But as Matt Haughey—who in his day job is a senior editor for Slack—points out to hilarious effect on his Tumblr, a little bit of Photoshop wizardry can turn that AR-15 into a massive dildo that Donald Trump, Rand Paul, or Mike Huckabee is lovingly parading for the cameras.

Haughey brought his images to #GOPdildos on Twitter, and—as you might expect—a whole lot of liberals with Photoshop skills got into the act. At this point, #GOPdildos is something of a monument to the idea that, if GOP candidates are going to proudly identify with voters who fetishize guns, we should take a look at what it’d be like if they were fetishizing, you know, actual fetish objects. And if the political protest part of it is too exhausting for you (with 11 months to go before the election, we can’t blame you if it is), we’ll always have Ted Cruz and his giant blue dildo to share together.

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