Bill Gates Drinks Poop, Shrimp Eat A Pig: The Best Videos Of 2015

Decide for yourself which is grosser.


There are two kinds of people in the world, people who have already seen a swarm of ocean shrimp consume a dead pig to the bone, and people who are about to click on this link.


The shrimp are clearly enjoying themselves, as is Bill Gates, who drank sewage that had been purified into clean water as part of a test of a new machine designed to bring better drinking water to the developing world. The big smile on his face (and his continued health) is a good sign that the technology worked–but try watching it without cringing a little. You might also cringe for the poor grape being precisely sewn together by a robotic surgeon, but not as much as when you realize the grape is just a test, and the robot is really meant to sew up people.

As you mentally prepare yourself for the days of robotic doctors, take a few minutes, relax, and watch the most popular videos we shared on Co.Exist this year:

1: Watch Bill Gates Drink Purified Poop Water

He’s proving a point about a promising system that turns sludge into clean water and electricity for the developing world.

2: Watch A Surgical Robot Suture A Delicate Grape—And Pretend It’s Your Uterus


It’s mesmerizing to watch this surgical device work with such precision, but what does that precision get you?

3: Watch (And Be Terrified) As These Flesh-Eating Shrimp Strip A Pig To The Bone

Nature, man.

4: Watch: This Pepper Shaker Lets You Have Dinner With Real People, Not Phone Zombies

With a single twist, families can reclaim their real face time together.


5: Watch This Olympic Cyclist Try To Power A Toaster With His Bike

Even these mind-blowingly large thighs struggle to toast a slice of bread in this unusual visualization of how much energy our appliances are hogging.

6: Every Driver Should Be Forced To Watch This Video On How To Not Be A Jerk When You Pass A Bike

It’s from England, but just imagine the cars are on the other side of the road and you’ll get it.

7: This Simple Video Explains How Easy (And Cheap!) It Is To Install Bike Lanes—Without Slowing Traffic


Care for the “3-to-2” road diet? Or how about an old “4-to-2” instead? This video shows all the innovative ways you can make room for bikes on the road.

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